A "Lovie" is a cozy security blanket that becomes a sleepytime friend, just right for naptime snuggles and bedtime hugs. Baby will love the feel of "Lovies" with their soft, hugable fabric and satin trim.

"Lovies" were selected as one of the "10 Best Chilldren's Toys" by Dr. Steve Amerbach.

They are machine washable in cold water and may be tumble dried on low heat.

The price per "Lovie" is $24.00. You may have the child's name embroidered on the bottom for $5.50 or on the heart for $11.50. (When we embroider the name on the heart, we open and resew the seam so that we do not sew through the back of the "Lovie".

We carry: Blue Bear, Pink Bear, White Angel Bear, Cream Bear, Blue Lamb, Pink Lamb, Brown Terries Dog, Dalmation Dog, Purple Hippo, Blue Elephant, Yellow Duck, Green Frog, Brown Monkey, and Black/White Cow.

We are continually adding more "Lovies" so call to see what we have new.

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